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12 New non-hydrolyzable nucleotides available!

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Crucial cellular processes such as transport, motion and division are orchestrated by a highly diverse set of regulatory phosphatases.

To trap these enzymes in their various biologically relevant states, non-hydrolyzable analogs of nucleotides are ideally suited.

Jena Bioscience has more than two decades of experience in the preparation of non-hydrolyzable nucleotides, supplying researchers with > 80 catalog products (see Scheme 1) of this compound class. It is our mission to facilitate your work on:

  • Identification of protein-protein interactions and enzyme substrates
  • Elucidation of structure and dynamics of protein-nucleotide-complexes
  • Kinetic analysis of nucleotide exchange reactions on NTPase

Non-Hydrolyzable Nucleotides

Scheme 1: Overview of Jena Bioscience's non-hydrolyzable nucleotides.

New non-hydrolyzable nucleotides in stock at Jena Bioscience:

Compound Cat. No. Amount Price
CppCp NU-254 5 mg 350,00 €
UppCp NU-255 5 mg 350,00 €
dAppNHp NU-257 5 mg 1.760,00 €
dGppNHp NU-258 5 mg 1.760,00 €
dAppCp NU-259 5 mg 350,00 €
dGppCp NU-260 5 mg 350,00 €
dCppCp NU-261 5 mg 350,00 €
dTppCp NU-262 5 mg 350,00 €
dUppCp NU-263 5 mg 350,00 €
CpNHpp NU-264 5 mg 350,00 €
dATPγS NU-265 5 mg 1.760,00 €
dGTPγS NU-266 5 mg 1.760,00 €

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You haven’t found your desired non-hydrolyzable nucleotide yet? Please inquire at nucleotides@jenabioscience.com and benefit from our custom synthesis service!