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Safe Storage and Shipping of Cryo-EM Samples

2nd Generation of Cryo-EM Pucks

Cryo-EM Puck

The Cryo-EM Pucks Gen 2.0 from MiTeGen have enhanced features over other Cryo-EM Pucks on the market. These include:

  • 12 numbered well locations with easy-access tweezer notches
  • Magnets in the bottom of the pucks, which securely hold the puck to the shelves of the shipping and storage canes
  • Front grabbing tong location
  • Custom 2D barcoding and puck serialization for advanced sample tracking
  • 10 unique puck colors: Blue, Black, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Violet, Rainbow - One of each

Storage and Shipping Canes

Storage and Shpping Canes

The magnetic storage and shipping canes securely hold the Cryo-EM Pucks Gen 2.0 to the shelves. Several models are available that are designed to work with the leading Cryogenic Refrigerators and Dry Shippers:

Cryogenic Refrigerators and Dry Shippers

Refrigerators and Dry Shippers

The High Capacity (HC) Cryogenic Refrigerators from Worthington Industries are designed for long-term storage of biological material at liquid nitrogen temperature. Temperatures generally range between –196 °C at the liquid surface, and –190 °C at the canister top. Three different models offer a variety of choices between sample storage capacity and holding time, while offering easier access to stored materials due to larger neck openings.

Cryo Express (CX) Dry Shippers allow a safe and IATA compliant transport of biological materials at cryogenic temperatures. They contain a unique absorbent material for liquid nitrogen that prevents a liquid spill if the unit is tipped over. Temperature inside the shipping cavity remains at approximately -190 °C. CXR100 contains a replaceable absorbent material that enables easy cleaning of the dry shipper.

  Cryogenic Refrigerators Dry Shippers
Model HC34 HC35 VHC35 CX100 CXR100
Static Holding Days 200 130 130 22 16
Working Time Days 125 81 81 17 11
Evaporation Rate (liters/day) 0.17 0.27 0.27 0.19 0.23
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity (liters) 34 35 35 4.1 (adsorbed) 3.7 (adsorbed)
Weight Empty (kg) 16.1 17.7 17.2 5.3 5.3
Weight Full (kg) 43.6 46 45.5 8.6 8.3
Neck Diameter (mm) 91 119 119 71 91
Overall Height (mm) 668 681 681 467 493
Overall Diameter (mm) 478 478 478 234 234
Number of Canisters 6 10 6 1 1
Canister Dimensions (mm) 70 x 279 67 x 279 94 x 279 67 x 279 67 x 279

Further accessories can be found here.

Christin Reuter

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