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Nick Translation-based DNA Probe Labeling

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Labeling of DNA probes for in situ hybridization is most often performed by enzymatic incorporation of labeled dUTP using a mixture of DNase I / DNA polymerase I (Nick Translation) (Tab. 1) (Ribgy et al. (1977), Morrison et al. (2003), Wiegant et al. (2001)).

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Figure 1: Metaphase plates of an Arowana fish highlighting the location of 18S rRNA genes after their labeling with ATTO488 NT Labeling Kit through Fluorescence in situ (FISH) experiments.

Figure 1: Metaphase plates of an Arowana fish highlighting the location of 18S rRNA genes after their labeling with ATTO488 NT Labeling Kit through Fluorescence in situ (FISH) experiments. A. DAPI staining. B. 18S rRNA signals C. merged image (courtesy of Prof. Marcelo de Bello Cioffi, Federal University of São Carlos).

Table 1: Overview on available Nick Translation (NT) Kits (* Alexa Fluor (AF))

Kit Label Labeling principle similar to... Selected References
Hapten Nick Translation Kits
Biotin 16 NT Labeling Kit Biotin
(via Biotin-16-dUTP)
Biotin-Nick Translation Mix
Matsuyama et al. (2017)
Malinovskaya et al. (2018)
Digoxigenin NT Labeling Kit Digoxigenin
(via Digoxigenin-11-dUTP)
DIG-Nick Translation Mix
Fluorescent Nick Translation Kits
ATTO425 NT Labeling Kit ATTO425
(via dUTP-ATTO-425
Chatre et al. (2015)
Fluorescein NT Labeling Kit Fluorescein
(via Fluorescein-12-dUTP)
BioProbe Nick Translation Kit with Fluorescein-12-dUTP
(Enzo Life Science)
ATTO488 NT Labeling Kit ATTO488
(via dUTP-XX-ATTO-488)
Himmelbach et al. (2018)
Kwiatek et al. (2017)
Chatre et al. (2015)
AF*488 NT Labeling Kit
(via dUTP-XX-AF*488)
Cy3 NT Labeling Kit
(via dUTP-XX-Cy3)
ATTO550 NT Labeling Kit ATTO550
(via dUTP-ATTO-550)
Himmelbach et al. (2018)
Kwiatek et al. (2017)
Mirzaghaderi et al. (2017)
Chatre et al. (2015)
TexasRed NT Labeling Kit Texas Red
(via dUTP-TexasRed)
AF*594 NT Labeling Kit
(via dUTP-XX-AF*594)
Cy5 NT Labeling Kit
(via dUTP-XX-Cy5)
ATTO647N NT Labeling Kit ATTO647N Kwiatek et al. (2017)
Chatre et al. (2015)
Dr. Barbara Zschoernig

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