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New Pathways to DNA Amplification!

In 1983 Kary Mullis revolutionized Molecular Biology by inventing PCR. Ever since new formats are being developed. Here we introduce the new Saphir Bst Polymerase for amplification at constant temperature (isothermal amplification). The reaction is carried out in a thermoblock and detection can be done by naked eye or flourescence screening.

No lab required to amplify or analyse DNA.

Saphir Bst Polymerase is robust against sample matrix. No extensive purification steps are required – simply extract nucleic acids by heat treatment.

No lab skills needed.

Strand displacement technique ensures high sensitivity and allows reactions to be completed twice as fast as PCR.

DNA amplification in less than 30 min.

Saphir Bst Polymerase is ideal for point-of-care application – while saving time and costs compared to PCR!