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Get the best out of your Crystals

You put in a lot of work getting crystals. Get the best possible data from them by using modern loops and mounting techniques.

Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™

Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™ patented design is optimized to make mounting easy and lead to the best possible diffraction.

Made from a special X-ray transparent polymer, MicroLoops LD™ allow for crystals to be mounted directly “on-the-loop”, breaking from the traditional lasso technique.

This method:

1. Eliminates excess solvent around mounted crystals, leading to:

  • Easier cryoprotection
  • Faster cryocooling
  • Less material in the X-ray beam (less noise in diffraction pattern)
2. Simplifies harvesting with:
  • Lower drop disturbance for easier retrieval
  • Prevents crystal damage by reducing time spent chasing them

Don’t suspend your crystal with a large drop of fluid inside an old-style loop that is not X-ray transparent.

Use MiTeGen’s on-the-loop technique to experience easier harvesting, and greater success.

Learn more about all of the advanced crystal mounting loops and tools available and watch this video on crystal mounting: