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ATP Affinity Test Kit

The ATP Affinity Test Kit provides a quick and easy way to determine the most suitable ATP-Agarose derivative for the purification of ATP binding proteins.

The kit contains everything to screen your crude protein solution for the most suitable chromatographic material.

ATP affinity chromatography is used for the purification of a very large number of proteins, such as kinases, motor proteins and chaperones. There is however, a fundamental problem with using ATP in affinity chromatography: for attachment to a matrix ATP needs to be chemically modified with a linker. This linker may interfere with the protein-ATP interaction and thereby reduce the binding.

This problem can usually be circumvented by attaching ATP at a different position at the adenine base, the ribose, or the phosphate moiety. The ATP Affinity Test Kit contains a set of 4 typical ATP-Agarose chromatography materials, two with ATP linked via the adenine base, one via the ribose and one via the phosphate residue.

For purification of ATP binding proteins in preparative scale, check out the ATP AffiPur Kits.