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Cobalt IDA Magnetic Agarose Beads

Suitable for small-scale & automated purification of polyhistidine (His)-tagged proteins.

Cobalt-IDA Magnetic Agarose Beads consist of a ferrimagnetic core that is coated with 6 % cross-linked Agarose coupled to Co2+-ions via an Iminodiacetic acid (IDA)-linker.

Compared to Ni2+ ions, IDA-immobilized Co2+-ions generally display a higher specificity towards histidines and are therefore an ideal option to reduce non-specific protein binding.

Co-IDA Magnetic Agarose characteristics

MatrixFerrimagnetic beads coated with 6 % cross-linked Co-IDA Agarose
LigandCobalt (Co2+ via an Iminodiacetic acid (IDA)-linker
Ligand density> 15 µmol Co2+/ml beads
Medium particle diameter30 µm (highly homogenous)
Protein Binding capacity*40 mg/ml beads
Recommended pHbetween 3 - 12
Chemical stabilityStable to all solutions commonly used during the purification procedure (refer to the datasheet)
* Tested with His - GFP (~32 kDa); Binding capacity may vary depending on amino acid sequence, molecular weight and His-tag location.