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Purification of CLICK-functionalized Proteins

Azide-, Alkyne-, DBCO-, TCO- and Tetrazine-functionalized proteins are efficiently immobilized on complementary functionalized matrizes (agarose or magnetic beads) via click chemistry based reaction procedures.

A tool-box of CLICK-functionalized matrizes is available to fit your specific application & molecule requirements (Table 1).

Table 1: Overview of available CLICK-functionalized agaroses & magnetic beads.

Purification ofAgaroseMagnetic Beads
Alkyne- or DBCO-functionalized proteinsAzide Agarose
Click Chemistry Capture Kit
Azide Magnetic Beads
Azide-functionalized proteinsAlkyne Agarose
DBCO Agarose
Click Chemistry Capture Kit
Alkyne Magnetic Beads
DBCO Magnetic Beads
TCO-functionalized proteinsMethyl-Tetrazine Agarose
Tetrazine-functionalized proteinsTCO Agarose