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Single-use FPLC Columns

Empty single-use FPLC columns are suitable for common FPLC instruments such as ÄKTATM design instruments.

They are available at four different sizes

  • 8 ml bed volume
  • 30 ml bed volume
  • 45 ml bed volume
  • 80 ml bed volume
and can be packed with any JBS bulk chromatography agarose suitable for FPLC devices.

FPLC Luer Lock Male & Female connectors are available as well.

Figure 1:
A) FPLC columns (8 – 80 ml bed volume)
B) FPLC Luer Lock Male connector
C) FPLC Luer Lock Female connector

Product characteristics

Column materialPolypropylene
Frit materialPolyethylene
Frit pore size10 µm
Maximum linear flow rateDepends on the type of chromatography resin
Maximum pressure (psi/bar/MPa)200 / 14 / 1.38
ConnectionsStandard connection usually supplied with common FPLC instruments such as ÄKTATM design chromatography systems
Chemical stabilityStable in common used reagents
Cat. No.AC-570-3AC-571-2AC-572-2AC-573-1
Capacity (ml of packed resin)8 ml30 ml45 ml80 ml
Dimensions (diameter x height)12 x 70 mm21 x 87 mm21 x 137 mm26 x 144 mm