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FPLC Columns

Empty polypropylene cartridges for affinity chromatography with common instruments.

Packed with your resin of choice, use stop plugs (available separately below) to lock the column's ends for storage.

  • For any type of chromatography media
  • Easy to pack
  • Reproducible packing

Product characteristics

Column materialPolypropylene
Frit materialPolyethylene
Frit pore size (avarage)12 µm1
Inner column diameter6.2 mm
ConnectionsStandard connection compatible to the common chromatography instruments (such as ÄKTA)
Chemical stabilityStable in common used reagents.
Capacity1 ml packed resin2

  • Usable with any type of chromatography media (> 20 p.m) including Jena Bioscience range of bulk resins.
  • The packed volume depends on the type of resin. As a guide, the packed volume should be
    1.2 - 1.4 ml for agarose based spherical particles.