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Protein A/G Agarose

Protein A/G agarose allows batch or column purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobulins from cell culture media and biological fluids.

It consists of a mixture of 50% Protein G Agarose and 50% Protein A Agarose and therefore combines both IgG purification characteristics.


Protein A/G Agarose characteristics

Matrix4% cross-linked agarose
Bead size50-150 µm
Binding capacity~ 25 mg human IgG / ml resin
Ligand density~ 1.5 mg rProtein A / ml resin &
~ 1.5 mg rProtein G / ml resin
Linear flow rate500 cm/h
Maximum pressure1.5 bar (21.8 psi)

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