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Protein Purification

The ability to purify recombinant proteins using affinity chromatography has greatly advanced protein research.

In affinity chromatography, the protein of interest is purified by its ability to bind a specific ligand that is immobilized on a chromatographic bead material (matrix).

Crude cell-lysates are incubated with such a matrix under conditions that ensure specific binding of the protein to the immobilized ligand. Other proteins that do not bind the immobilized ligand are washed through. Elution of the bound protein of interest can be achieved by changing the experimental conditions to favour desorption.

Jena Bioscience offers both Agarose and Magnetic Beads as matrix for different purification tasks.

Also available: Auxilary Equipment such as empty Columns, Spin Columns or Columns for FPLC and ÄktaTM design instruments.

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Purification of Agarose Magnetic Beads
Nucleotide-binding proteins NTP/NDP/NMP Agaroses
mRNA cap binding proteins m7GTP Agarose
ATP-binding proteins ATP Agaroses
ATP Affinity Test Kit
ATP Affinity Purification Kits
AMP-binding proteins AMP Agaroses
AMP Affinity Test Kit

Poly(A)-binding proteins Poly(A)-Agarose
Phospho Amino Acid binding proteins O-Phospho-Serine Agarose
O-Phospho-Threonine Agarose
O-Phospho-Tyrosine Agarose

GST-tagged proteins Glutathione Agarose Glutathione Magnetic Beads
His-tagged proteins Ni-NTA Agarose
Ni-IDA Agarose
Co-IDA Agarose
Ni-, Zn-, Co-, Cu-IDA Agarose (gravity flow)
Ni-NTA Magnetic Beads
Co-NTA Magnetic Beads
Ni-IDA Magnetic Beads
Co-IDA Magnetic Beads
Antibodies Protein A Agarose
Protein G Agarose
Protein A/G Agarose

CLICK-functionalized proteins Azide Agarose    PC Azide Agarose
Alkyne Agarose  PC Alkyne Agarose
DBCO Agarose
Azide Magnetic Beads
Alkyne Magnetic Beads
DBCO Magnetic Beads
Glycosylated proteins m-Aminophenylboronic acid