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anti drosophila Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase A

rabbit, polyclonal

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For in vitro use only!

Shipping: shipped on blue ice

Storage Conditions: store at -20 °C
avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Shelf Life: 12 months

Form: liquid (Supplied as serum, preserved in glycerol)

Anti-drosophila MsrA can be used for Western blot, ELISA and Immunocytochemistry.

Anti-drosophila MSRA (d-Methionine sulfoxide reduc-tase A) is a rabbit polyclonal antibody which was produced against the recombinant drosophila MsrA. Methionine sulfoxide reductases (Msrs) are repair enzymes that protect proteins from oxidative stress by catalyzing stereospecific reduction of oxidized methionine residues.

Antibody specificity was evaluated by indirect immunofluorescence and western blotting. Western blot of 20 μg protein extracts from whole flies were separated in 12 % SDS PAGE gels and transferred onto PVDF membrane.
Antibody was used at a dilution of 1:20,000.

Selected References:
Chung et al. (2010) The Drosophila homolog of methionine sulfoxide reductase A extends lifespan and increases nuclear localization of FOXO. FEBS Lett. 584: 3609.