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Trans-Cyclooctene-containing Bifunctional Reagents

Trans-Cyclooctene-containing bifunctional reagents can be used for the introduction of

  • a functional group (e.g. Amine or NHS Ester) to Tetrazine-labeled molecules via Cu-free Click Chemistry
  • an Cyclooctene group to various targets e.g. via NHS Ester- or Maleimide-based chemistry


Table 1: Available Trans-Cyclooctene-containing Bifunctional Reagents

Functional GroupsTrans-Cyclooctene
NHS esterTCO-NHS ester
TCO-PEG4-NHS ester
Amine (-NH2)TCO-Amine

Selected References:

Selvaraj et al. (2013) trans-Cyclooctene - a stable voracious dienophile for bioorthogonal labeling. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 17:753.