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The internalization of bioactive cargo such as proteins or nucleic acids into live cells is often hampered by the lack of cargo cell permeability.

The use of Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs) as helper-molecules is a successfull approach to overcome cell membrane barriers leading to efficient, low toxic transfection of numerous cell lines and cell types with a large number of proteins and nucleic acids.

A: A fluorescence-labeled protein (ATTO488-BSA) was internalized by CPPs into HeLa cells and visualized by fluorescence microscopy.

B: β-galactosidase (540 kDa) was complexed by a CPP-cocktail and transported into COS-7 cells. Internalization was visualized by X-Gal.


Single Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)

Selected single cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) for protein and nucleic acid internalization

Fluorescent Cargo

Fluorescent BSA and nucleotides as internalization positive control