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Sponsoring: iGEM Competition

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We gladly announce our support of the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) student competition in synthetic biology. For two decades Jena Bioscience has been dedicated to the synthesis of the fundamental building blocks of life, thus making us an ideal partner for iGEM student teams designing and engineering new biological parts and systems.

Feel free to e-mail us if you have any comments or questions (igem@jenabioscience.com).

To participate: select products as indicated and inquire via the request form.

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EN-101S AluI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-102S AsuII Isoschizomers: Bpu14I, Bsp119I, BspT104I, BstBI, Csp45I, NspVI, SfuI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-103S BamHI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-104S BclI Isoschizomers: FbaI, Ksp22I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-105S BglI
EN-106S BglII
EN-107S BseAI Isoschizomers: AccIII, Bsp13I, BspEI, Kpn2I, MroI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-108S BseBI Isoschizomers: BstNI, BstOI, Bst2UI, MvaI, Neoschizomers: AjnI, EcoRII, Psp6I, PspGI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-109S BseCI Isoschizomers: BanIII, Bsa29I, Bsp106I, BspDI, BspXI, Bsu15I, BsuTUI, ClaI, ZhoI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-110S BshFI Isoschizomers: BspANI, BsuRI, HaeIII, PalI, PhoI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-111S BsiSI Isoschizomers: HapII, HpaII, MspI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-112S BssAI Isoschizomers: Bse118I, BsrFI, Cfr10I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-113S CspAI Isoschizomers: AgeI, AsiAI, BshTI, PinAI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-114S EcoRI Isoschizomers: FunII JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-115S EcoRV Isoschizomers: Eco32I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-116S HindIII JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-117S HinfI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-118S HpaI Isoschizomers: KspAI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-119S KpnI Neoschizomers: Acc65I, Asp718I
EN-120S MboI Isoschizomers: BfuCI, Bsp143I, BstENII, BstMBI, DpnII, Kzo9II, NdeIINeoschizomers: BstKTI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-121S MspCI Isoschizomers: AflII, BfrI, BspTI, Bst98I, Vha464I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-122S NaeI Isoschizomers: PdiI, Neoschizomers: MroNI, NgoMIV
EN-123S NcoI Isoschizomers: Bsp19I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-124S NotI Isoschizomers: CciNI
EN-125S NruI Isoschizomers: Bsp68I
EN-126S PspPI Isoschizomers: AspS9I, Cfr13I, Sau96I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-127S PstI Isoschizomers: BspMAI
EN-128S PvuII JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-129S RsaI Isoschizomers: AfaI, Neoschizomers: Csp6I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-130S SalI
EN-131S ScaI Isoschizomers: Acc113I, ZrmI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-132S SfiI
EN-133S SgrBI Isoschizomers: Cfr42I, KspI, SacII, Sfr303I
EN-134S SlaI Isoschizomers: BssHI, PaeR7I, Sfr274I, TliI, XhoI
EN-135S SmaI Neoschizomers: Cfr9I, PspAI, XmaI, XmaCI
EN-136S SnaBI Isoschizomers: BstSNI, Eco105I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-137S SphI Isoschizomers: BbuI, PaeI, SpaHI
EN-138S SseBI Isoschizomers: AatI, Eco147I, PceI, StuI
EN-139S SspI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-141S StyI Isoschizomers: BssT1I, Eco130I, EcoT14I, ErhI
EN-142S TaqI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-143S XbaI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-144S BstEII Isoschizomers: BstPI, Eco91I, EcoO65I, PspEI
EN-146S NheI Isoschizomers: AsuNHI, Neoschizomers: BmtI JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-160S DpnI Neoschizomers: BfuCI, Bsp143I, BstENII, BstKTI,BstMBI, DpnII, Kzo9I, NdeII JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
EN-172S ApaLI Isoschizomers: Alw44I JBSpeed Restriction Enzyme
Select Cat. No.
EN-148S Klenow Fragment Large Fragment of DNA Polymerase I recombinant, E. coli
EN-149S T4 DNA Ligase E. coli lambda lysogen NM 989
EN-176S RNase I (DNase free) Endonuclease recombinant, E. coli
Select Cat. No.
PP-204XS Fast-n-Easy Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit Column based isolation of plasmid DNA
PP-205XS Blood DNA Preparation Kit Solution based genomic DNA purification from whole blood
PP-206XS Bacteria DNA Preparation Kit Solution based genomic DNA purification from bacteria
PP-207XS Plant DNA Preparation Kit Solution based genomic DNA purification from plant tissue
PP-208XS Animal and Fungi DNA Preparation Kit Solution based genomic DNA purification from animal tissue and fungi
PP-209XS Yeast DNA Preparation Kit Solution based genomic DNA purification from yeast
PP-210XS Total RNA Purification Kit Isolation of total RNA by silica-gel membrane adsorption
PP-213XS Blood-Animal-Plant DNA Preparation Kit Spin column based genomic DNA purification from blood, animal and plant cells
PP-214XS Bacteria DNA Preparation Kit Spin column based genomic DNA purification from bacteria
PP-215XS Yeast DNA Preparation Kit Spin column based genomic DNA purification from yeast
Select Cat. No.
PP-201XS PCR Purification Kit Spin-column based DNA cleanup from PCR samples
PP-202XS Agarose Gel Extraction Kit Spin-column based DNA cleanup from agarose gels
PP-218XS SAP-Exo Kit Alkaline Phosphatase / Exonuclease mix for cleanup of PCR products


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