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Guanosine-5'-(γ-thio)-triphosphate, Tetralithium salt

Guanosine-5'-(3-thio)-triphosphate, Guanosine-5'-(3-thiotriphosphate)

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Structural formula of GTPγS (Guanosine-5'-(γ-thio)-triphosphate, Tetralithium salt)
Structural formula of GTPγS

For general laboratory use.

Shipping: shipped on dry ice

Storage Conditions: store at -20 °C

Shelf Life: 6 months after date of delivery

Molecular Formula: C10H16N5O13P3S (free acid)

Molecular Weight: 539.25 g/mol (free acid)

Exact Mass: 538.97 g/mol (free acid)

CAS#: 94825-44-2

Purity: ≥ 90 % (HPLC),
contains < 10 % GDP (HPLC)

Form: solid

Color: white to off-white

Spectroscopic Properties: λmax 252 nm, ε 13.7 L mmol-1 cm-1 (Tris-HCl pH 7.5)

Functional assay for GPCRs[1, 2]
Binding assay[3]

Specific Ligands:

Heterotrimeric and monomeric G-proteins[4]

Phosphodiesterase PDE-6[5]

for P2Y-like receptor[6] and for P2Y13 receptor[7]

Please note: For reasons of stability, please make sure that the pH value of a solution of this product never drops below 7.0. This can be achieved by dissolving the nucleotide in a buffer of your choice (50 - 100 mM, pH 7 - 10). Dissolve and adjust concentration photometrically.

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