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Arabinofuranosyl-adenine (ara-A)

Vidarabine, Adenine arabinoside


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Structural formula of Arabinofuranosyl-adenine (ara-A) (Vidarabine, Adenine arabinoside, 9-(β-D-Arabinofuranosyl)-adenine)
Structural formula of Arabinofuranosyl-adenine (ara-A)

For research use only!

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C
store dark and dry
Short term exposure (up to 1 week cumulative) to ambient temperature possible.

Shelf Life: 36 months after date of delivery

Molecular Formula: C10H13N5O4

Molecular Weight: 267.24 g/mol

CAS#: 5536-17-4

Purity: > 99 %

Form: white to off-white crystals

Agonistic ligand, mainly for nucleoside receptor A1, with less affinity to A2A and A3

Selected References:
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Shipman et al. (1976) Antiviral Activity of Arabinosyladenine and Arabinosylhypoxanthine in Herpes Simplex Virus-Infected KB Cells: Selective Inhibition of Viral Deoxyribonucleic Acid Synthesis in Synchronized Suspension Cultures. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 9 (1):120.