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Immobilized γ-Amino-octyl-GTP


Guanosine triphosphate (GTP) immobilized on Agarose

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Structural formula of Immobilized γ-Amino-octyl-GTP (γ-Amino-octyl-GTP-Agarose)
Structural formula of Immobilized γ-Amino-octyl-GTP

For research use only!

Shipping: shipped at 4 °C

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C
Short term exposure (up to 1 week cumulative) to ambient temperature possible.

Shelf Life: 12 months after date of delivery

Suitable for purification of GTP-binding proteins.

Degree of substitution: 5 μmol - 7 μmol GTP/ml gel

Storage buffer: 20% Ethanol

Please note: This compound contains a phosphoramide linkage which is hydrolyzed at pH <7.

Selected References:
Suto et al. (1998) Synthesis of γ-phosphate linked nucleoside affinity chromatography resins for protein purification, including ribonucleoside triphosphate reductase. Nucleosides and nucleotides 17 (8):1453.
Tsuchimoto et al. (2010) A comprehensive screening system for damaged nucleotide-binding proteins. Mutat Res. 703 (1):37.
Iyama et al. (2010) NUDT16 is a (deoxy)inosine diphosphatase, and its deficiency induces accumulation of single-strand breaks in nuclear DNA and growth arrest. Nucleic Acids Res. 38 (14):4834.