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Standard PCR - Thermophilic Polymerases

Standard PCR Thermophilic Polymerases

Jena Bioscience offers a selection of Thermophilic polymerases for applications ranging from routine PCR to sophisticated assay setups. Taq polymerase is the enzyme of choice for most standard assays. Together with high yield buffer system, enhanced efficiency and facilitated incorporation of labeled or modified nucleotides are achieved. Hot Start polymerase is most suitable to amplify low-copy number targets in complex backgrounds or if prolonged room-temperature setups are required. Select High-Fidelity enzymes for amplification of long fragments (up to 30 kb) and GC-rich templates at low error rates. Pfu-X polymerase with proofreading function is designed for highly accurate amplification purposes whereas sequencing polymerase accomplishes efficient incorporation of ddNTPs.