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Blot Staining: His Detect Solution

His Detect Solution contains a ready-to-use reagent for detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins in blot assays. The reagent is equally suitable for Western Blot, Dot or Slot Blot assays. The detection reagent is made from an optimized anti-histidine antibody gold nanoparticle conjugate and is reactive against C- and anti-N terminal tags. The protein of interest is specifically stained in pink directly on the blot. Instant detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins on nitrocellulose membrane with His Detect is easy and does not require relevant hands on time. No blocking, Washing or successive antibody incubation time needed. A detection limit of 0.1 pmol can be achieved with this highly sensitive detection reagent. This is in the range of conventional ECL detection.

Staining solution for specific one-step detection of His-tag fusion proteins!

High Speed His-Tag Detection