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Taq Polymerase

Taq Polymerase is the enzyme of choice for most routine PCR applications. To allow choosing between convenience and flexibility, Jena Bioscience offers Taq polymerase in four types of formulations ranging from complete master mixes over core kits containing all required components in one box to individual enzyme packs.

Enzyme Efficiency /
Specificity Fidelity /
Error rate
Taq Polymerase
Taq Pol (PCR-211)
++ ++ 10-5 Standard PCR / optimized for minimal by-product formation
Routine and plate based PCR, automated pipetting
Hot Start Taq Polymerase
Hot Start Pol Apta+ (PCR-212)
++ +++ 10-5 High specificity PCR / high sensitivity PCR
High throughput PCR
Hot Start Pol Ab+ (PCR-213) ++ ++++ 10-5 High specificity PCR / high sensitivity PCR
Diagnostic PCR
High Fidelity Polymerase
Taq HiFi Pol (PCR-204)
+++ ++ 2 x 10-6 High fidelity PCR / long range PCR (> 30 kb)
Amplification of GC-rich / difficult templates
Pfu-X Pol (PCR-207) +++ +++ 2 x 10-7 High speed amplification with highest fidelity
Amplification of difficult and long templates
Ultra DNA Pol (PCR-391) +++ +++ n/a Robust and fast PCR amplification of templates from difficult matrices