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dNTP Bundles and Singles

Jena Bioscience is a primary manufacturer of premium quality dNTPs. Our dNTPs are synthesized using enzymatic technologies followed by chromatographic purification cascades. dNTPs are manufactured in a single step from their corresponding Ribo-NTPs. The process ensures a purity greater 99 % (confirmed by RP-HPLC). Each lot is tested functionally by a set of PCR, RT-PCR and Klenow reactions. All dNTPs are screened for remains of bacterial/human DNA, DNases, RNases, nicking enzymes or proteases.

Jena Bioscience’s annual manufacturing capacity is more than 100 liters of 100 mM dNTP solutions. On request, Jena Bioscience provides custom formulations, packaging & labeling.


Bulk Amounts

If you require large amounts (> 10 ml, > 100 ml, > 1 l), significant discounts are available. Please contact us at info@jenabioscience.com to receive an individual quotation.