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PCR-grade Water

Nuclease-free Water

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PCR-258S 10 x 1,2 ml 14,84 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
PCR-258L 50 ml 16,95 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
PCR-258-100 100 ml 25,43 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
PCR-258-500 500 ml 33,91 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad

For in vitro use only!

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C or -20 °C

Shelf Life: 12 months

Form: liquid

PCR-grade Water is ultrapure, sterile filtered and autoclaved water for use in molecular biology applications like standard PCR, qPCR or RT-PCR. It is treated with DEPC to avoid any residual enzymatic activity.

Quality Control:
PCR-grade Water is functionally tested in Low Copy Long Range PCR (18 kb, lambda DNA, template dilution series). The absence of contaminations with bacterial or human DNA and DNases, RNases or nicking activity is verified.

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