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Endpoint PCR


New products & catalog numbers from November 1st!

Taq and Hot Start Polymerases come now with a re-optimized Crystal & Ruby Buffer system for reliable amplification results in PCR applications.

Thanks to a well-balanced ratio of potassium-, ammonium- and magnesium-ions Crystal Buffer ensures high specificity and minimal by-product formation. No more optimization steps are required.

Ruby Buffer additionally contains gel loading buffer and an inherent red dye. The red dye allows an easy visual control during PCR set-up and in combination with the density reagent the direct loading of the reaction product into the gel.

ProductPrevious Cat.-No.New Cat.-No.
Taq PolymerasePCR-202PCR-211
Hot Start PolymerasePCR-203PCR-212
Hot Start Polymerase Ab+PCR-210PCR-213
Taq Core KitPCR-232PCR-214
Hot Start Core KitPCR-233PCR-215
Hot Start Core Kit Ab+PCR-239PCR-216