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LEXSY: Solubility and Functionality of expressed Proteins

Incorrect folding and insufficient solubility - resulting in compromised biological activity - are the major shortcomings of prokaryotic expression systems. Due to LEXSY’s fully eukaryotic protein synthesis/folding/modification machinery most proteins of higher organisms expressed in LEXSY are correctly folded and processed and therefore, are obtained in a fully functional state.

Selected examples of LEXSY-expressed proteins with full biologic activity:

ErythropoietinsechumanBreitling et al. 2002PDF 
Surface Antigen 1& 2secToxoplasma gondiiEbert et al. 2007 not publ.
Proprotein Convertase 4 secratBasak et al. 2008PDF 
Laminin-332sechumanPhan et al. 2009PDF 
Cu/Zn superoxide dismutasecythumanGazdag et al. 2010PDF 
Tissue Plasminogen ActivatorsechumanHemayatkar et al. 2010PDF 
N-Acetyl Serotonin Methyl Transferase (ASMT)cythumanBen-Abdallah et al. 2010PDF 
Hydroxynitrile Lyase (MeHNL)cytcassava plantDadashipour et al. 2011PDF 
Coagulation factor VIIcythumanMirzaahmadi et al. 2011PDF 

For a short summary of expression data obtained, please, refer to the LEXSY Brochure page 18