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qPCR: Eva or SYBR?

Allow us to introduce our new SYBRGreen product range. Based on the traditional intercalator dye, the SYBRGreen range is complementary to our established EvaGreen qPCR products.

So how do you decide between SYBR and Eva? The decision often depends on the individual assay and template; however, the following is generally true:

  • SYBRGreen gives higher amplification efficiency (Fig. 1a) while
  • EvaGreen is the gold standard for high resolution melting curve analysis (HRM, Fig. 1b).

Amplification of a 370 bp fragment from bacterial 16S rRNA gene, template: 1 pg / 10 pg / 100 pg E. coli DNA per assay:

Fig. 1a: Amplification plot

Fig. 1a: SYBRGreen (yellow) shows amplification 2 ct-values earlier than mixes with EvaGreen (red).

Fig. 1b: Melting curve

Fig. 1b: The melting curve of EvaGreen mixes (red) shows a sharper slope of the fluorescence intensity allowing precise fragment determination and high resolution melting curve analysis.

All mixes are available with ROX for internal signal normalization as well as UNG (Uracil-N-Glycosylase) to prevent carry-over contaminations.

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