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Get the best out of your Crystals

You put in a lot of work getting crystals. Get the best possible data from them by using modern loops and mounting techniques.
Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™

Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™ patented design is optimized to make mounting easy and lead to the best possible diffraction.

Made from a special X-ray transparent polymer, MicroLoops LD™ allow for crystals to be mounted directly “on-the-loop”, breaking from the traditional lasso technique.

Mounting using MicroLoops LD™

This method:

  1. Eliminates excess solvent around mounted crystals, leading to:
    • Easier cryoprotection
    • Faster cryocooling
    • Less material in the X-ray beam (less noise in diffraction pattern)

  2. Simplifies harvesting with:
    • Lower drop disturbance for easier retrieval
    • Prevents crystal damage by reducing time spent chasing them

Don’t suspend your crystal with a large drop of fluid inside an old-style loop that is not X-ray transparent.

Use MiTeGen’s on-the-loop technique to experience easier harvesting, and greater success.

Learn more about all of the advanced crystal mounting loops and tools available on our website and watch this video on crystal mounting:

MiTeGen Video

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