Removal of Contaminating DNA & RNA

Introducing Turbo Nuclease

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During protein purification it is essential to remove residual nucleic acids efficiently. This is most readily achieved by non-site specific, enzymatic DNA/RNA degradation.

Our genetically engineered Turbo Nuclease (also known as Benzonase®) hydrolyzes all forms of DNA & RNA. With a specific activity greater than most DNAses/RNAses it is a powerful and versatile tool for nucleic acid elimination.

Product Cat. No. Amount Price
Turbo Nuclease
Serratia marcescens, recombinant, E. coli
EN-180S 10 kunits 69,50 €
EN-180L 5x 10 kunits 279,00 €

Looking for bulk scale quantities for use in manufacturing processes? Get in touch with us at pcr@jenabioscience.com to receive your individualized quotation.

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