QUANTIFOIL™ Holey Carbon Films

Supporting grids for Cryo-EM

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Cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) is a technique that uses accelerated electrons as illumination source for biological samples.

To minimize radiation damage, the sample is kept at cryogenic temperatures and the electron dose has to be low – resulting in noisy images. However, the enormous progress in hardware development and image processing over the past few years has made the technique available to solve near-atomic-resolution protein structures.

Cryo-EM image of the Chaperone GroEL suspended in amorphous ice at 50.000x magnification.
Image source: Wikipedia (modified)

QUANTIFOIL™ Holey Carbon Films provide ideal support for biological samples in Cryo-EM techniques, such as electron crystallography, single particle analysis and MicroED[1-6]:
  • 12 nm carbon film with circular holes of defined size and interspace for various magnifications
  • The circular holes result in formation of an ice layer with constant thickness
  • Supporting mesh: copper or gold

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