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Nourseothricin* as a selection Antibiotic: Stable, reliable, affordable

Nourseothricin*: Reliable selection antibiotic for many organisms

Due to the growing list of susceptible organisms and its exceptional stability under virtually all cultivation conditions (Fig. 1), Nourseothricin has become a Gold Standard selection antibiotic for transgenic organisms from all kingdoms of life.

Check our list of over 100 Nourseothricin-selectable organisms to find out if it can be used for your research, too.

Nourseothricin is stable up to 75-85°C and from pH 2 to pH 9/10.
Figure 1: Nourseothricin is stable up to 75-85°C and from pH 2 to pH 9/10.

Nourseothricin* products at great prices

Nourseothricin is available as powder or sterile ready-to-go stock solution. Click the tables below for more information and for ordering:

Nourseothricin powder - Product table
Nourseothricin solution - Product table

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* sometimes also termed NTC or ClonNat

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