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(1) Restriction Enzymes: One for All – All for One

(2) MiCom 2017 Slide Show & Champions


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   (1) Restriction Enzymes: One for All – All for One
Complete digestion with one single universal buffer for all Jena Bioscience restriction enzymes.
  • 100 % activity
  • 5 - 10 min restriction reaction time with JBSpeed enzymes
  • 24 month stability (from certification date)
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   (2) MiCom 2017 Slide Show & Champions

Thanks to the organizers Iuliia, Tina, Sofia, Sarah, Theresia, Naim Al-Zaben, Wolfgang, Michael, Swatantar, Carl-Eric, Jens, Jiro and Robert for hosting the event.

It was a great pleasure to attend the conference and Science Slam

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