Elucidating protein glycosylation with LEXSY

(1) LEXSY allows investigation of glycosylation effects in a human protease

(2) LEXSY – all you need for cloning, expression strain selection and cultivation


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   (1) LEXSY allows investigation of glycosylation effects in a human protease

Glycosylation – found in 50 % of all mammalian proteins – is a particularly important feature in human Kallikreins[1]. The Kallikrein-related Peptidase 2 (KLK2), which plays an important role in prostate cancer, has now been successfully expressed in glycosylated, homogenous and active form with LEXSY (the L. tarentolae based expression system)[2]. This allowed for the first time to study the effect of glycosylation on the activity of this key protein, showing that LEXSY is the expression system of choice for glycosylated proteins.

Figure 1 – Left: Purified KLK2 and detection of glycosylation by removal with PNGase F. The glycosylated protein is very homogenous and does not show double bands.
Right: Model of human KLK2. The glycan residue (blue and green) is a significant part of the protein and has a substantial effect on its activity. From   Guo et al., 2016[2].

   (2) LEXSY – all you need for cloning, expression strain selection, and cultivation

LEXSY Expression Kits
Convenient all-in-one expression kits allowing constitutive or inducible, intracellular or secretory expression of target proteins

LEXSY Strains & Cultivation Kits
The LEXSY expression hosts, as strains or complete ready-to-grow cultivation kits

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Complex media for optimal growth of LEXSY strains

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[1] Guo et al. (2014) Sweetened kallikrein-related peptidases (KLKs): glycan trees as potential regulators of activation and activity. Biol. Chem. 395:959.
[2] Guo et al. (2016) A Single Glycan at the 99-Loop of Human Kallikrein-related Peptidase 2 Regulates Activation and Enzymatic Activity. J. Biol. Chem. 291:593.

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