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Endpoint PCR: Crystal & Ruby Taq Master

Save yourself unnecessary pipetting steps in PCR!

With Crystal & Ruby Taq Master, Jena Bioscience developed new PCR master mixes that minimize the number of pipetting steps (and therefore potential sources of error) and that make additional optimization steps mostly superfluous:

Crystal Taq Master

Crystal Taq Master

Thanks to a well-balanced ratio of potassium-, ammonium- and magnesium-ions Crystal Taq ready-to-use mix is ideal for routine PCR, high throughput PCR and genotyping. Conveniently, all components are provided in one tube - simply add primers & template DNA.

Ruby Taq Master

Ruby Taq Master

Ruby Taq Master is identical to Crystal but contains already gel loading buffer with inherent red dye. This allows for easy visual control during PCR set-up and direct loading of the reaction product into the gel.

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