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In many cases, the perfectly designed molecule for a particular application may be within closer reach than you would expect. Be it the

  • conjugation of a dye to a nucleotide for an academic research project
  • design of a synthetic strategy for new pharmaceutical lead structures
our highly capable team of research scientists and engineers will tackle the most challenging synthetic tasks (Scheme 1). Looking back to almost two decades of experience with industrial and academic custom services, we offer
  • Very high success rates
  • Excellent track record
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Mile stone and/or FTE-based approaches from mg - kg scale
  • Attractive cost schemes (affordable for academia)

 Directly contact our scientists to obtain a quote for your desired nucleotides!

Scheme 1: Jena Bioscience is the ideal partner at the very early stages of your small molecules-based R&D project. Starting from the design and synthetic optimization of suitable lead compounds, procedures are adapted to manufacturing in pilot scale.

Please refer to our recently highlighted custom products applied in academic research (Scheme 2):

Scheme 2: Recent examples of custom-made bioconjugates for academia with references indicated in brackets[1-4].

[1] Baumgart et al. (2016) Impact of LytR-CpsA-Psr Proteins on Cell Wall Biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum. J. Bacteriol. 198 (22):3045.
[2] Boichenko et al. (2016) A FRET-Based Assay for the Identification and Characterization of Cereblon Ligands. J. Med. Chem. 59 (2):770.
[3] Leija-Martínez et al. (2014) The separation between the 5'-3' ends in long RNA molecules is short and nearly constant. Nucleic Acids Res. 42 (22):13963.
[4] Butter et al. (2012) Proteome-wide analysis of disease-associated SNPs that show allele-specific transcription factor binding. PLoS Genet. 8 (9):e1002982.

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