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Talks given at Scientific Conferences

Click Chemistry – Expanding the Scope of Nucleic Acid Labeling

Talk held at HKI Colloquium in Jena, October 24, 2017


Fragment Screening – The *Frag Xtal Screen* for crystallographers

Talk held at HEC-20, Wojanów Palace, September 28, 2017


LEXSY - the protein expression platform based on Leishmania tarentolae

Talk held at BSP Meeting České Budějovice, September 5, 2016


Protein Crystallization: Simply grab the needle from the haystack

Talk held at HEC19 in Warberg, September 29, 2016


LEXSY taking off: Selected examples for protein production with Leishmania tarentolae

Talk held at 5th Halle Conference, February 20, 2015


Experimental Phasing - Rational Approaches to Heavy Atom Derivatives of Proteins

Talk held at HEC 16, September 28, 2013


The LEXSY platform for recombinant protein expression

Talk held at FAP Meeting 2013 in Košice


Fluorescent Nucleotides: A powerful toolbox for labeling of biological macromolecules

Talk held at FB3 in Gothenburg, July 07, 2012


LEXSY – the eukaryotic protein expression platform based on the protozoan organism Leishmania tarentolae

Talk held at PepCon 2012 in Beijing


Nourseothricin – past, present and future

Talk held at Nourseothricin Minisymposium 2011 in Jena


From gene to crystallization within two days – LEXSY cell-free protein production

Talk held at HEC 13, September 24, 2010