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UVP Hanging Drop MRC Plate Seal

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For in vitro use only!

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at ambient temperature

Shelf Life: n/a

Form: Plate seals are packed in bags of 10 and available in boxes of 100 pieces.

The UVP Hanging Drop MRC Plate Seal
The new revolutionary Swissci AG Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plate Seal comes ready to use with dust free protective coating and specialty polymer base.

The Seals accommodate up to 3 separate drops of protein and fit the standard 2 drop - or 3 drop MRC plates. The product has a 100 micron thin layer of UVP specialty polymer developed for compact drop creation and ability to shoot X-ray without any noticeable diffraction.

The Swissci AG hanging drop seals can be run with individual drops in the 96 positions or 192 drop - or 288 drops. The seal covers sit directly over the microwell plate crystallisation reagent wells and are closed with a long term resistant closing adhesive which is validated not to ingress into sample - nor lead to seal corruption.

To remove an individual crystal the seal may be peeled back - or simply cut out with a scalpel. The material is very thin - although still remaining as a perfect evaporation barrier and can be sliced with a knife very easily.

The seals are produced in a class 100,000 clean room environment and guaranteed to be dust and scratch free. Optical quality is of the highest level available.

The seals are able to be used in the UV range thus enabling the user to recognize salt - from protein crystals under the Ultra Violet light source microscope.