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LCP Mixer Kit

The LCP Mixer Kit is designed for manual preparation of the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP). It is developed by Douglas Instruments (UK) and has several advantages over other LCP Mixer Kits and Sets:

  • Easier assembly of the syringes and loading into the device - less "fiddly".
  • Easier to operate - less awkward.
  • Virtually no loss of LCP: After mixing the LCP is in the male syringe ready for use.
  • The needle is already in position for immediate dispensing.
  • Better viewing: The light cloudiness just before the LCP is formed is visible, also there may be variations within the syringe.
  • The syringe can be cooled by putting it on ice for a few seconds, which can help LCP to form (17°C is recommended).
  • Compatible with all Hamilton syringes from 25 to 500 µl.
  • Advantage over automatic mixers: One can feel if the needle becomes slightly blocked, which reduces the danger of cracking a syringe.

Video: Crystallizing Membrane Proteins for Structure Determination using Lipidic Mesophases

Video: How to use the LCP Mixer

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