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Crystal Former™

Crystal Former is a microfluidic device for protein crystallization that exploits the favorable physical conditions occurring at the microscale. This environment, when combined with the Crystal Former’s special materials, unique surface treatment, and proprietary mixing kinetics, substantially improve crystallization success.

The Original Crystal Former Chip (CF-O)

  • 16-microchannels arranged on the footprint of a microscope slide
  • Each microchannel is 100 µm x 150 µm x 10 mm (length)
  • Channel volume is 150 nL
  • Compatible with the SBS-footprint holders MSH-1 and MSH-2


  • Quick & easy setup - No external equipment
  • Low sample consumption
  • Maximum crystallization probability due to highly effective mixing kinetics
  • Direct access to crystals for subsequent seeding or
    diffraction studies


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Products & Ordering

Thaumatin, Catalase and Myoglobin crystals grown in the Crystal Former™

Terese Bergfors Proof Statement:
"The equilibration kinetics is a major determinant in the success or failure of a crystallization trial. The Microfluidic Crystal Former™ offers a unique method for exploring the phase diagram and for manipulating the equilibration kinetics. The kinetics in different methods can be strikingly different, even when the same precipitant is used. Therefore it makes good sense to try different ones, especially when screening, but also in the optimization phase. We use the Crystal Former™ as part of our overall crystallization strategy. The sample volume requirements are modest and it is easy to use. The students can set it up in minutes."
Terese Bergfors, Uppsala University, Sweden

Please contact xtals@jenabioscience.com with questions or inquiries.