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Lanthanide Phasing Kit and Complexes

NatX-ray offers new complexes that provide significant anomalous contribution for phasing protein structures. They contain lanthanides and bind tightly to the surface of macromolecules.

Lanthanide Phasing Complexes

Lanthanide derivatives of protein crystals are obtained either by soaking or co-crystallization. They can be used as strong anomalous scatterers due to the lanthanide LIII absorption edge.

Compounds based on Eu atom (LIII abs. edge: 6977 eV), Yb atom (LIII abs. edge: 8944 eV) or Gd atom (LIII abs. edge: 7243 eV) are available in the Lanthanide Phasing Kit. For upscaling your phasing experiment or using a particular complex only, single compounds are available.

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