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JBS Solubility Kit

The JBS Solubility Kit is a pre-crystallization screen to improve the composition of the initial protein buffer solution prior to performing crystallization set-ups [1]. Since the highly complex properties of proteins are dependent on their environment, buffer solutions play an important role, i.e. influencing the solubility and the aggregation behaviour of the protein sample.

Studies have shown that aggregation of the protein may inhibit nucleation and crystal growth. Therefore, the JBS Solubility Kit has been developed to investigate protein samples towards their homogeneity and monodispersity prior to crystallization trials, employing hanging drop vapour diffusion experiments combined with dynamic light scattering.

The JBS Solubility Kit contains a set of 24 buffer solutions at different pH-values for setting up hanging drop vapour diffusion experiments in order to monitor the aggregation and precipitation of the protein sample, and a set of 14 additives used for further optimization employing dynamic light scattering.


[1] Jancarik et al. (2004) Optimum solubility (OS) screening: an efficient method to optimize buffer conditions for homogeneity and crystallization of proteins. Acta Cryst D 60:1670.

Selected Recent Literature Citations of JBS Solubility

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