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Crystallization Stock Solutions: Super Buffers

Crystallization stock solutions, i.e. polymers, buffers and salts are ideal for the optimization of your crystallization conditions.

Using the same chemicals as utilized in the JBScreens ensures higher reproducibility of your experiments. Crystallization Stock Solutions are ready for use: the concentration is adjusted and most of them are sterile filtered.

Super Buffers screen the pH independently from any other parameter. They are composed of a mixture of three individual buffers with distinct pKa values and cover a broad pH range without changing the chemical environment of the buffer solution[1].
Our Super Buffers are supplied as low and high pH stock solutions, which can be mixed at different ratios to obtain different pH values within the range. Plotting the pH vs. the percentage of high pH stock solution in the mixture results in an almost linear pH function for any JBScreen Super Buffer system.



[1] Newman (2004) Novel buffer systems for macromolecular crystallization. Acta Cryst D 60:610.