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Sample Retrieval and Mounting

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Jena Bioscience distributes MiTeGen's innovative crystallography products.


Dual-Thickness MicroMounts™ SPINE


Dual-Thickness MicroMounts possess maximal durability and rigidity, while maintaining the ultra-low X-ray background scatter that original MicroMounts™ are known for.

Dual-Thickness MicroLoops™ SPINE


A general purpose economical loop with circular sample apertures in 10 sizes from 50 to 1000 μm.

Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™ SPINE


Computer-optimized design with longer, thinner necks to minimize disturbance when inserted and withdrawn from small liquid drops.

MicroLoops E™ SPINE


Particularly suitable for needle or rodshaped samples.

MicroMeshes™ SPINE

M3 indexed_small

MicroMesh™ mounts - the tool of choice for microcrystals.

Indexed MicroMeshes™ SPINE

Indexed MicroMesh™ Mounts have all the features and advantages of regular MicroMesh™ Mounts. Indexing makes it easier to locate a crystal on the mount.

MicroGrippers™ SPINE


MicroGripper™ Mounts provide a new approach to retrieving and mounting crystals for room and low temperature measurements.

MicroCrystal Mounts™

Ultra-transparent mounts to meet the challenges of visualizing, aligning, and collecting diffraction data from micron size crystals.

Crystallography Sampler Kit™

Sampler kits of MiTeGen's most popular tools.

Angled-Tip Option

Improving data collection and minimizing radiation damage through crystal orientation.

Base Holder klein

Use MiTeGen's Base Holders for secure storage and convenient organization of your MicroMounts™, MicroLoops™, MicroGrippers™ and MicroMeshes™ by size and design, for optimal crystal harvesting and data collection.