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Crystal Storage and Shipping

Magnetic CryoVials

SPINE standard CryoVials

SPINE Pucks and Accessories

SPINE Puck, Puck Support and Puck Holder

Dry Shippers

Taylor-Wharton Cryo Express (CX) dry shippers to safely transport protein crystals at cryogenic temperatures

Foam Dewars

Easy handling and safer use make them an alternative to glass dewars


CryoCanes™ to hold 5 or 6 vials

CryoCane™ Coders

Aluminium tabs to keep track of your CryoCanes™


Designed to enclose CryoCanes™ for extra security

Cryoware Markers

For smudge-proof marking at ultra-low temperatures

Cryoware Labels

Cloth labels for use at ultra-low temperatures