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MiTeGen's Goniometer Bases

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Goniometer bases (sometimes called "caps") are used to hold MicroMounts, MicroLoops, MicroMeshes and MicroGrippers in X-ray crystallography and related applications. The stainless steel rod of these products fits into the central hole of the base.

Mitegen’s bases are compatible with standard cryo tools, with MiTeGen's Magnetic CryoVials and all other commercial cryovials, with all magnetic goniometer head mounts and sample automounting hardware, and with loop sample mounts from other manufacturers.

Unlike other available bases, our patented designs tightly capture the MicroRT™ capillaries to allow easy and seamless room-temperature and low-temperature data collection.

We offer several designs to ensure compatibility with both protein and small molecule crystallography hardware and with all sample automounters.

Reusable Goniometer Bases

Goniometer Base

... the next breakthrough in sample handling! The patent-pending designs grab and securely hold MicroMounts, MicroLoops, MicroMeshes and MicroGrippers, and all other standard crystal mounts without epoxy, glue or grease.
Simply insert the mount's pin into the base, and then push down using our heavy-duty tweezers until the grip is secure.


  • no more fumbling to glue mounts into bases
  • easy swapping of mounts/loops to match your crystal's size and shape, and to optimize harvesting and diffraction outcomes
  • easy replacement of damaged mounts
  • easy adjustment of crystal aperture height to simplify autoalignment
  • secure gripping at all temperatures below T=300 K minimizes risk of sample loss
  • precision machined from the highest quality materials for durability and reliability

All base styles are available as standard, barcoded (Cat.# HT-) and reusable (Cat.# -R) goniometer bases. Apart from B4, all goniometer bases are also available with Magnetic CryoVials.
Please follow the links in the table below to learn more about the various types and styles.

Base Holder klein

Use MiTeGen's Base Holders for secure storage of goniometer bases (caps), pins and assemblies.
Convenient for organizing your MicroMounts™, MicroLoops™, MicroGrippers™ and MicroMeshes™ by size and design, for optimal crystal harvesting and data collection.

Image Base Style Typical Pin Length Compatible Automated System
Mitegen Goniometer Base B5 Style B5 18 mm SPINE
Mitegen Goniometer Bases B1 Style B1 19 mm SAM
Mitegen Goniometer Base B3 Style B2 11 mm
Style B3 19 mm
Mitegen Goniometer Bases B1A Style B1A 18 mm ALS
Mitegen Goniometer Base B3S Style B3S 18 mm
Mitegen Goniometer Base B4 Style B4 18 mm -