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Detergent Screens

JBScreen Detergents contain 4 x 24 unique detergents that are compatible with most common crystallization reagents and are therefore perfectly suited for membrane protein solubilization:

  • Ionic detergents
  • Non-ionic detergents
  • Zwitterionic detergents
  • Non-detergent Sulfobetaines
  • Synthetic Lipids

JBScreen Detergents can be used throughout the protein purification process or can be added afterwards by dialysis or ion-exchange chromatography (detergent exchange). Detergent exchange can be vital for obtaining well-diffracting membrane-protein crystals [1].
JBScreen Detergents is also valuable for additive screening with detergents and detergent mixtures [2,3] in combination with the JBScreen Membrane. This combination will enable you to screen a broad range of detergents, while concentrating on the most successful crystallization conditions, making crystallization screening of membrane proteins much more efficient and less time consuming.

JBScreen Detergents & Prometheus: A winning team

Screen for stabilizing detergents by combining JBScreen Detergents with Prometheus NT.48, a label-free nanoDSF technology developed by NanoTemper Technologies, ideally suited for membrane protein stabilization.


JBScreen Detergents 1 (CS-521), JBScreen Detergents 2 (CS-522) and JBScreen Detergents HTS (CS-525) have been discontinued.

BIOZ Product Citations

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[3] Koronakis et al. (2000) Crystal structure of the bacterial membrane protein TolC central to multidrug efflux and protein export. Nature 405:914

Selected Literature Citation of JBScreen Detergents

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