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Individual JBScreen Conditions

Access to individual screen conditions in larger volumes is important when it comes to reproducing initial hits and starting crystallization optimization, or for soaking experiments (heavy atom derivatization).

Individual conditions are available for all screens of the JBScreen Family:

  • JBScreen Classic
  • JBScreen Basic
  • JBScreen LCP
  • JBScreen Membrane
  • JBScreen Kinase
  • JBScreen Nuc-Pro
  • JBScreen PEG/Salt
  • JBScreen Pentaerythritol
  • JBScreen PACT ++
  • JBScreen JCSG ++
  • Pi-minimal Screen
  • Pi-PEG Screen
  • JBScreen Wizard
  • XP Screen
  • XP Up Screen

Solutions are made from exactly the same chemicals as the conditions in the original screens, are sterile filtered and are available in different volumes.

Upon ordering, please indicate which condition from which screen you wish to purchase! Clicking the basket sign in the product table below will open a popup window that will allow you to enter screen name and condition number. This information will be saved in your shopping basket.