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any pH value

useful buffer range: pH 5.8 - 7.2

2-Bis (2-hydroxyethyl) amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol

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Structural formula of BIS-TRIS - 1 M (any pH value, 2-Bis (2-hydroxyethyl) amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol)

For in vitro use only!

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C

Shelf Life: 12 months

Molecular Formula: C8H19NO5

Molecular Weight: 209.24 g/mol

CAS#: 6976-37-0

EC number: 230-237-7

Form: liquid

Concentration: 1 M

Crystallization stock solution, sterile filtered: 1 M BIS-TRIS adjusted to any pH value within the buffer range pH 5.8 - 7.2 in 0.1 increments, adjusted with HCl, also available without pH-adjustment