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XtalTool HT 18 mm

Sample Holder for Crystal Growth, in situ Ligand Soaking and in situ Data Collection with a Robot Assisted Sample Mounting

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Sample holder for crystal growth, any necessary crystal soaking and X-ray data collection without the need of crystal manipulation or mounting, compatible with SPINE standard magnetic CryoVials and robot assisted sample mounting

The XtalTool HT is a patent-pending sample holder consisting of a plastic support with an outer transparent COC film and an inner X-ray transparent yellow polyimide film with 5 μm pores. The design allows the setup of two crystallization drops on one XtalTool HT. Crystal growth can be monitored either by a transmission microscope or an automated inspection system. All intended manipulative steps on the crystal are carried out in-situ. Before data collection the outer ring can easily be broken off at the designated respective break points. Mounted on an XtalTool Base, the XtalTool HT then fits into a SPINE standard magnetic CryoVial and thereby facilitates robot assisted sample mounting. Its geometry meets the 18 mm SPINE standard and it’s compatible with most synchrotron and in-house beamlines dedicated to macromolecular crystallography.

20 XtalTool HT Sample Holder (18 mm)
1 XtalTool HT Dummy Sample Holder to test individual robot compatibility

The XtalTool HT was developed by HZB MX-group at BESSY II (AG Weiss).

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