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Angled-Tip Option

Correctly orienting your crystal relative to the X-ray beam and to the goniometer rotation axis is essential to maximizing data collection efficiency and minimizing radiation damage.

Some crystal morphologies regularly end up in non-optimum orientations.
For example, thin plates usual end up with their largest face adhered to the plane of the mount or loop. The thickness direction typically corresponds to the longest unit cell dimension. Diffraction spot overlap can result when this direction approaches the beam direction, especially if the crystal has appreciable mosaicity.
To provide a new level of crystal orientation control, MiTeGen now offers Angled-Tip versions of all of its MicroMounts, Loops and Meshes. The tip is angled relative to the rod and the rotation axis by 45, 60 or 90* degrees +/- 5 degrees. This ensures that the long-cell direction is always far from the incident X-ray beam direction for optimum data collection.

*Note that the increased bend angle of 90 degrees may present more of a challenge during crystal harvesting. This can be aided with use of a secondary mount or tool to help in positioning the crystal.

Comparison of a 100 micron aperture Dual-Thickness MicroMount with the new Angled-Tip option (top)
and the standard orientation (bottom)

Angled-tip versions are generated from MiTeGen's standard products as a custom service. Select the products you want, and then order the service below for each box you want modified, and all twenty (20) mounts will be adjusted to our angle specification.
Important note: Please clearly indicate the box you want modified!

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.